Medium voltage services


Support, maintenance, and comprehensive services for medium-voltage transformers

For over 70 years, Brollo Siet has been providing a complete range of assistance, maintenance, and testing services for transformers, both our own production and those from other manufacturers, as well as for distribution cabins.

We offer both routine and extraordinary maintenance services at the customer's site or at our workshop, aiming to ensure safety requirements and service continuity over time.
We have our own fleet of machines, both oil and resin-based, with various power and voltage capacities, available for rental in case of a sudden transformer failure. This ensures service continuity during the necessary repair and replacement time for the transformer.

Delivery can be carried out with our truck equipped with a crane, and our qualified personnel can also handle the unloading and positioning in the cabin.

To monitor the health status of transformers, we perform an analysis of the insulating fluid to assess the transformer's conditions. Based on the test results, maintenance days can be scheduled.

We also conduct instrumental tests in both our test room and at the customer's site. Tests can also be performed on medium-voltage cables and relay box tests.

Service is only available in Italy.

Medium voltage services