Analysis of Dielectric Fluids

The dielectric fluid analysis service is carried out to monitor the health status of transformers by analyzing a sample of oil inside them and issuing a test report highlighting identified issues and suggesting corrective actions.

We offer standard packages differing in the number of analyzed parameters, as well as customized solutions based on our clients' needs (e.g., insurance purposes, safety, environmental certification, maintenance plans, etc.).

The oil sampling can be done independently by the client or by Brollo Siet technicians. In the case of client-conducted sampling, a sampling kit is provided if required.

At the end of the analysis, a test report is issued, outlining identified issues and suggesting corrective actions.

Chemical analyses of insulating oils allow evaluating aspects related to pollution and environmental regulations.

The objectives of dielectric fluid analyses are to:

  • Assess the functional degradation of the oil and, consequently, the transformer;
  • Diagnose the potential presence of incipient anomalies (thermal, electrical, etc.) before they lead to failures;
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected transformer outages and prevent production losses;
  • Support the planning of routine and extraordinary maintenance activities, reducing associated costs;
  • Extend the lifespan of transformers.

Technical features


Technical features

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