Warranty conditions

Goods must be checked and verified at its arrival, to be in accordance with the order. Possible differences about quantity or typology of the supplied products must always be done by a written communication, by fax or e-mail, within 8 (eight) days from reception, indicating all the useful information for an immediate check. After this term, products will be considered as wholly accepted.

Products are guaranteed for defects of material and/or manufacturing, for a period of 24 (twentyfour) months on new product and 12 months (twelve) on refurbished products, and repair (only on the part replaced), starting from delivery date. For a valid warranty, the buyer will have to declare through written communication the defects within 8 (eight) days from discover and in any case within 12 (twelve) months from the delivery of the products, otherwise warranty may decay. The claim will have to be presented by registered letter, fax, PEC or e-mail, by specifying precisely the default found and the product which is referred to.

Claims about the exterior characteristics of products will have to be forwarded through written communication before the installation of the products. The installation of the defected products mustn’t be effected, therefore, if done, the installation will exclude the possibility to complain about these types of defects.

Claims will not involve the resolution of the single order, but, according to Brollo Siet Srl disposition, defected products will be replaced or repaired in warranty, unless different decision due to objective reasons which make impossible to adopt one of the solutions above mentioned.

The returned good must be properly packed, in order to be protected against any damage occurred during the transport. Brollo Siet Srl reserves the faculty to reject the returned goods if unproperly packed. The product returned to Brollo Siet Srl in warranty for replacement or repair must be complete of all its parts, included any movable or detachable one, as it was supplied; it must not be damaged, tampered, dismantled or modified in any of its parts.

If the designated technicians will prove that the defect is not chargeable to Brollo Siet Srl, the warranty will decay and technicians will only proceed to the recognition of the problem, charging the buyer the cost of this intervention. The possible reparation or replacement of the product or its components could take place only after specific request of the buyer, confirming also the quotation for the intervention. Also, if the good results properly working, a fixed cost for the treating of the same will be charged.

This warranty does not cover the defects caused by an improper use of the product, negligence or carelessness in its use (ex. Inobservance of instructions for installation and use of the machine), installation or maintenance operated by unauthorised personnel, transport damages, or caused under circumstances which cannot depend from manufacture defects and/or conformity of the goods. Anyway, this warranty does not cover extra expenses, such as, for instance, installation and transport.

Brollo Siet Srl declines any responsibility for possible damages which can, directly or indirectly, arrive to people or things as a consequence of inobservance of all the prescriptions indicated in the user manual, concerning especially all the warning about installation, use and maintenance of the good.

The obligations accepted by Brollo Siet Srl under the present Warranty (to repair or replace the product according to the possibilities and conditions above mentioned) are absorbent and replace the warranties or responsibilities provided by the law. Therefore it is expressly excluded, unless the case of malice or serious fault of Brollo Siet Srl, any other responsibility (both contractual and extra-contractual), in any case generated by the products supplied and/or their resell. In particular, there could not be demanded any compensation and/or indemnity for directed or undirected damages of any nature, coming from the limited or missed use of the products.

The present Guarantee is released from:
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Data 06/10/22
Warranty conditions Brollo Siet