Electromechanical transformer for Neon signs

High voltage electromechanical neon transformer (1.000÷15.000V) with operating current up to 200mA. Thanks to the metallic box and to the protective treatments made on it, this transformer is highly resistant to atmospheric agents (IP44) and to the hardest environmental conditions. The unique model for Argon and Neon charge is provided with safety knife switch and housing for PVC conduits under the lid.Dimmable using Dimmerbox or the most known dimming systems in leading edge or forwarding phase control.
Many are the benefits given by the metallic box:

  1. it protects the resin against atmospheric agents
  2. it contains thermal dilatations of the resin, which are cause of dangerous cracks
  3. it is a good heat conductor and ensures an efficient dissipation, keeping low temperatures on the terminal board where electric connections and protection devices are located
  4. it ensures an excellent mechanic protection
  5. it protects against electromagnetic disturbances
  6. it ensures a ground connecting case, that is a characteristic required by the most international standard.

Technical features



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