Electromechanical transformer in thermoplastic box for Neon signs


Lexterior is an electromagnetic transformer built in a thermoplastic box with protection class IP43, suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.
It is the natural evolution from the previous Lexabox series, introducing some modification to the terminal board, while the nucleus is the same used in the well-known Metalbox transformer. It does not fear rain or bad weather: the terminal board and the closing cover protect terminals from water and from accidental contacts, while the thermoplastic box is UV resistant and protects resin from atmospheric agents.
The inspiring will is to supply a high reliability product cheaper and more compact than Metalbox, suitable for installation in boxes, channel letters, false ceilings.
Available in models up to 8000V/25mA, 7000V/35mA, 7000V/50mA, 3500V/100mA.


The Minilexa on the other hand is a cold cathode electromechanical transformer of very small dimensions and weighing only 1.8kg. Designed for installations in confined spaces, small channel letters and false ceilings, it represents a valid alternative to electronic converters.

Technical features



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