PRICE DISPLAY only electronic parts

Price displays are panels with 4 digits and a coma, with RS-485 serial input and RF remote control for programming. They can have different digit heights (HC) and can be only single face. MASTER price display can be connected by a specific cable, to one or more SLAVE price display. In this way, it is possible to create a totem with 2 or more prices single or double face.

Ideal to equip a petrol station and the best solution for installation inside a totem.


- Single face (for complex system, double face and multirow, use more units)

- Amber LED colour (other colour on demand)

- Available digit heights: 10, 15, 25, 30cm (40 and 60 cm on demand)

- Operation temperature range from -40°c tp 70°C

- Programming by RF remote control and programming through software supplied with the display, compatible with windows. RS-485 cables connection, between PC and price displays

- Manual or automatic brightness regulation

- Easy to connect

- Power supply: 12 VDC



- RF Remote control (standard in MASTER model)

- "Save Energy" system to lower the LEDs brightness during the dark hours (standard in MASTER model)

- Power supply 12 VDC

- Protocol converter (Logitron, Fusion-Wayne, Tokheim).