Size : 140 x 72 x 9 cm


Led Display for Your power plant

Led Display for the current generated by renewable sources like photovoltaic - wind mill - or gas turbine power plant.
System easy to install and suitable to any inverter.

Original Made in Italy Design.

Characteristics, the display visualizes:

• Current power in kW with 5/6 digits
• Total Energy in kWh or MWh with 6 digits
• Saved C02 in kg or tons with 6 digits

• High efficiency red LED with the following character heights:

-  12 cm with double LED line

-  6 cm with single LED line or LED dot matrix modules

-  3 cm with LED dot matrix modules

Optional for outdoor display:

• Time-date-temperature with character height 12 cm

• LED programmable alphanumerical display with character height 5 cm

Plexiglass front panel avaible also on the following versions:

• Red with white writings

• Neutral

Made in Italy