Brollo Siet developed a lighting calculation program which permits calculate realistically the most common photometric measures like the luminance (in candelas per squared meter) and the flux produced (lumen) by signs enlightened through cold cathode lamps; Signs are considered to be made according to the rules of good technique and state of art, both for exposed tube or indirect light, for light boxes and channel letters, with or without film.

Thanks to this useful tool it is possible to determine in advance also data as power (watt) and efficiency (lumen per watt) useful to understand if the sign  respects the parameters indicated by the local laws about luminous pollution and energetic savings, keeping a good visibility.

Soft Sign, this is the name of the program, is extremely easy to use and contains a wide selection of lamps, characterised by more than 30 types of white, numerous temperature and colours (kelvin) and chromatic Index (IRC).

Cold cathode lamps, as well known, permit a continuous illumination, have a high energetic efficiency and  very low costs of maintenance, thanks to an average life of about 50.000 hours - about 12 years - and can work in any climatic condition.

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