Senior Manager

It is the fully developed version of Junior Manager: it keeps a constant light  by surveying more areas at the same time, each one autonomously. Every area will be provided with at least one presence and light sensor.

The main purpose is that of reducing energy costs by granting an optimal adaptation of this system to common applications together with easyness of use.

The system is composed by:

- one central control gear for the separate surveyof up to 4 areas, three of them by means of light and motion detectors, the fourth with manual dimmeration. the control gear makes an average of data collected in one area and use it to adjustlight in the whole area, dimming simultaneously all the lamps.

- from 1 to 64 DALI - 1-10V interfaces , in order to grant communication between control gear and the lamps. Up to 20 single lamps (or 10 double lamps) can be connected to each interface. Finally each interface must be connected to the area (1,2,3,4) to be controlled.

- light and presence sensors, a maximum of 6 sensors for each of the first 3 areas;

- a button panel to control the system.