Light and Art: works

For many years, lamps have been bordered in a very limited field: the luminous advertisement.
Nowadays, we are invaded by mass production lighting devices. Thus, handmade products have been rediscovered, just because they offer high opportunities to be customized. The usual approach of the designer toward the lamp is overturned: there is no need to find new shapes to the lampshade surrounding the light (being it with predetermined lenght and shape). The designer can break with tradition and shape the light according his deep inspiration.

Unlike tubular lamps made by industrial manufacture (incorrectly called "neon tubes"), the cold cathode tubes let the designer choose the lamp current - that is the brilliance, within a quite wide range - and, least but not last, the colour. Thus, light well matches to material elements, stressing the various finishings without overtopping. Finally, it is well proved that a long-sighted choice of shapes and colours makes the artwork of great emotional impact.

Hereby, some examples of artworks realized with cold cathode tubes:

Il linguaggio dell'equilibrio - The language of balance

Artwork realized by the famous American conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth, in the Venetian isle of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, on the occasion of "La Biennale di Venezia 2007". Produced by Neon Lauro.

Love Happens
Artwork by the Australian artist Tracey Emin, produced by Neolite in Sidney, Australia.

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