Junior Manager for Dimmerbox

It has the double function of keeping the light level constant and of detecting the presence of people in the room, in order to minimize energy consumption.

Once the desired light level has been set, Junior Manager measures daylight and adjusts artificial light in order to keep brightness constant. If there is sufficient daylight available, the artificial light is switched off. 

Junior Manager adjusts the artificial light in a sliding manner to the target light level when someone enters the room and dims it again in the same way when the room has been left. After a delay time, the light is switched off. The presence detector can be disconnected.

In order to be used with electromechanical transformers, Junior Manager must be connected to one or more Dimmerboxes, accordingly to the load. Up to 50 Dimemrboxes can be connected to a single Junior Manager device.

The motion detector, fixed 3m high on the ceiling, surveys an area of 7 m in diameter. If larger areas to be surveyed the presence detection of several devices may be connected: each of them will manage the brightness in its area, but the motion detection will be unique.