Cold Cathode Benefits


Urban lighting is not just a matter of "illuminance": it is architecture, aesthetic, culture and falls in the field of visual arts. Visions of lit shapes, of astonishing skylines are emotions for the eyes. They are atmospheres surrounding our feeling.

This is what cold cathode is: the possibility to shape tubes in order to highlight any profile, outdoor too, without fearing atmospheric agents nor extreme temperatures, a very high lighting effect and the opportunity to regulate light intensity, joining energy saving needs with no lighting pollution.

Here you are the most important benefits of cold cathode:

- Long lamp life (> 100.000 hours), independent by the number of lightings;

- Reduced lighting flux decadence

- Very low maintenance costs

- Dimmable light (energy saving)

- High chromatic rendering index

- Possibility to shape the glass tubes

- Wide range of colours (and more than 20 different whites)

- High efficacy and low energy

- Suitable for any climatic condition (-40°C ... +70°C)

- High resistance to mechanical vibrations (ships, yachts, moving staircases, etc.)

- Low radio interference (theatres, concert halls, cinemas, hospitals, etc.)

- No dark areas, thanks to the 180° turned electrodes

- No dot-like effect