Dimmerbox is a trailing edge voltage control gear for core and coil transformers and other resistive or low power factor loads.

Designed for wall mounting or for mounting on DIN rail, it can be connected to several transformers (max 15 A) by using STAR connection boxes.

Dimmerbox is user friendly: easy to install and modular: when the load exceeds 15 A or in case of three-phases net installation, it is possible to connect more devices to each other, as per the attached instructions.

The dimmeration can be done in different ways:
- manually, through a remote control;
- through any device with 1-10V output (i.e. a PLC)
- through any device with Dali output (i.e. a digital interface) connecting Dimmerbox to the Dali 1-10V interface
- through a timer

This system is the answer to the problem of luminous pollution because it allows an energy saving by programming light intensity reduction at fixed times.

How much can you save? The software called "ECONOMETER" will answer to this question: it allows to determine the amount of saving by the input of few simple data. Download it from this page!

DIMMERBOX with kit Raffaello, Trimix and the digital interfaces allows instead an authomatic regulation and a cromatic variation "RGB system", widely increasing the possibility to "play" with light. Thus, it can not only be used in signs, but also for lighting, interior design, scenography.

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