ENEC is an Europan certification mark of high technological value based on severe concession criteria. This mark gives to the customer and the to final user the maximum guarantee about the procedures used in the product’s manufacture.

The ENEC (Electrical Certification relative to European Norms) is a voluntary mark for devices and components for lighting, IT appareils and electronic devices for offices, supplying groups and switchers for electric household appliances. It certifies a product’s conformity to EN norms. Countries which did not sign the agreement recognize the ENEC mark at the same level of their national mark. Neon transformers are ENEC marked since 1998, making Brollo Siet the first Europen company in this field that obtained this prestigious recognition.

UL listedUL is an independent organization, leader in the safety certification of products destined to the North American market. The UL mark is the most famous and acquainted saferty mark in the US and Canada. For the north american consumer, for the authories of supervision on codes and local and national regulations application and for manufacturers, UL represents the most acquainted safety mark all over North America.

Neon transformers are UL Listed marked as per 2161 Norm for the models in the attached certificate. The low voltage products are validated c-UR-us Insulation System.

CuruscURus insulation System validation

Brollo Siet is proud to announce the obtaining of cURus Insulation System mark on its low voltage products branded Brollo, according to the UL1446, CSA 22.2 norm.
This approval, issued by UL Italy, certifies that the company builds these products using a raw materials combination tested and assured by the same authority.
The kind of products is not binding: this approval regards just materials. This means that it is possible for us to mark different kind of products as transformers, auto-transformers, filter inductancs, M.A.T. starting inductances and so on.
The only binding constraint is product's working temperature: class F (+115°C).
Basing on this parameter it is a designer's specific duty that of mantaining the working temperature within this limit value.
The acquisition of cURus Insulation System approval will be marked on the description plate using the UL cURus brand and the specific Brollo Siet's file number: E321488.
It is very important to highlight that the cURus approval is a material approval, not a product one. In fact UL grants that Brollo Siet uses a proved materials combination for its products (OBJY2, OBJY8) , it does not grants the project
For example: if a powerboards manufacturer wants to omologate one of his manufacture using omologated single parts (including a cURus omologated transformers),the inspector will ask for a test to UL for the approval of the project criteria.

CurusGreen Label

The Green Label will qualify and promote those products which own some characteristics, in line with the "green" philosophy, for example: the reduction of energy consumption, the absence of particularly nocive substances, the absence of lead or cadmio, the limit of their contents of heavy metals.