Siet manufactures and sells all over the world high voltage electromechanical transformers from 1000 to 15000V with working current from 25 to 200mA.

Metalbox is the famous model in metal casefor outdoor use and Lexterior is the model with thermoplastic case suitable mostly for indoor use.

Siet also produces protection devices as Distop (single protection), Interdistop (double protection) , Distop Modulare (modular protection) and capacitors.


The historical brand RICCI, who works in the field of transformers for neon since 1949, he joined the famous group Finelettra in 2007.
This, together with associated with a series of technical improvements and construction, has helped to bring to spotlight the brand.
The process of continuous evolution, has led to today 'integration has the faculty in Electrical Ricci srl srl, in order to optimize the management, customer service, and expanding range of products for the sign.
The TRANSFORMERS brand RICCI is now guaranteed by BrolloSiet quality management system, certified according to UNI EN ISO9001: 2000

The transformer has been Recently renovated with particular care in maintaining its unique characteristics increasing at the same time, the intrinsic safety of the product.
This involved increasing the thickness of the side panels, which allow increased strength and increase the isolation distance of the box.
The edge of the box is now completely embedded in the resin, which prevents the attack of rust due to condensate.
Streamlining the process of resin has allowed the reduction of the filling channel that now is a simple cylinder, eliminating the view of resin, makes the most aesthetically "clean" the same terminal.
Have been removed unused terminals, keeping only those absolutely necessary, as it was to maintain compatibility with caps installed on the cover.
The volume under the cover has been increased to achieve better ventilation which reduces overheating and helps the moisture evaporates.
A 'further novelty is the new code box and its dimensions.
The transformers in addition to being packed in individual cardboard boxes will be delivered in multiple boxes for easy handling and comfort.